Sessions with a Domme

Long blonde hair, curves in all the right places, athletic…. just an innocent little rabbit with a deviant mind.

I genuinely and completely submit to very few but for those special boys, the polite and well trained ones, those ones might be allowed to see me during a session with a Domme. Do you wish to be relentlessly teased and taunted by a nefarious little rabbit, coaxed further into your desperation to please. Gently touched and aroused until the sting on your bottom becomes a monochrome of pain…

Watch as I submit completely to Mistress, following Her every order, all the time knowing you would never have that level of control over a woman, knowing a submissive is assisting in your punishment and training and making beautiful art out of your submission.

If you are interested in diving deep down my rabbit hole, the Dommes I session with are as follows:

To book a session, contact the Domme of choice using their preferred process.

2019 Tour Dates:

  • 14th March at Kinky Fetish Derby with Vivienne L’Amour
  • 20th March in Manchester with Miss Suzanna Maxwell
  • 25th April at Oubliette with Goddess Serena
  • 18th May in Manchester with Miss Suzanna Maxwell


  • No permanent marks (all marks should be discussed prior)
  • I will not receive watersports
  • No scat
  • No blood from me
  • No sex or oral with boys unless marked as escort available
  • I don’t partake in competitions because I will win at all costs.

Be warned: I can resist everything, except temptation. 

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Enjoy ❤️